Assignment Management System

Assignment Management System has been developed for managing employees’ daily timesheet records based on their hourly inputs and provide crucial reports on overall employee productivity, assignment/project status, efficiency and available resource pool.


  • Daily assignment records filled by employees with their hourly inputs
  • Leave and Holiday Records
  • Employee and Client Database
  • Employee Engagement Report
  • Timesheet approval cycle involving supervisor and management
  • Calculation of employee efficiency
  • Resource pool information and idle hours management

Biometrics Attendance System

ESC has web based attendance management system integrated with fingerprint or contactless card readers. We build customized access control systems capable of easy integration with all popular biometrics devices currently in use. development in developing countries.


  • Web based application for employee attendance management
  • Fingerprint/Biometrics Device interfacing to custom built application
  • Leave and Office timing records
  • Employee Biometrics data
  • Automatic data download from device to DB via TCP/IP protocol
  • Contactless smartcard option available
  • Role based access to Administrators and Employees

Employee Information And Appraisal System


  • Integrated to Attendance Management System
  • Employee Profile Records
  • Birthday/Anniversary and profile event reminders
  • Training, Interaction and Meeting Event Management
  • Senior Management Team (SMT) profile
  • Calculation of employee efficiency
  • Appraisal System (Customized scoring Template, Managing by Objectives/Goals, 360 Degree Appraisal, Star Performer Award, Training Need Assessment

Payroll Management System


  • Monthly payroll generation based on employee attendance
  • Automatic tax calculation
  • Post appraisal changes inclusion and tax adjustments
  • Bonus and Allowance management
  • Reports generation